• Gopikrishnan Mohan

Why we are building Savemo

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Let’s start with our most favourite thing in the world, a meme.

Can you relate? If yes, you're probably a millennial, living paycheck to paycheck, just like we are.

You know that vacation you wanted to go on, those airpods you've been eyeing, and oh, that new phone too? Most often, you don't end up doing any of that, right? Or maybe you do, but with a few painful swipes on your credit card, and even perhaps a loan?

We can relate.

And that's why we're bringing you Savemo. We want you to save and spend. We'd hate for you to have to compromise your lifestyle. So think of us as your bank account, but smarter. We set budgets for you, save for your goals and even help you stash away money for your weekend splurge. And we promise to make it painless.

At Savemo, we make people happier by allowing them to effortlessly manage their finances. If you feel excited by this mission, feel free to reach out to us at hangout@savemo.app

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