Level up your
money game.

Your finances managed,
the way they are supposed to be.


Finances can be complicated.
Yours don't have to be.


Get on top of your
spending. Always.

See where every rupee goes with auto-spend categorisation.
Get monthly, weekly and daily insights into your spending habits.
View your Splitwise balances and settle them using UPI.

Know when, where and how you spend your money. No thinking required 👏

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Smash all your goals.

Make that Goa trip happen. And that laptop you've been eyeing, buy that cos you deserve it.

Emergencies come unannounced, so we'll help you set aside a rainy day fund.

All this without breaking the bank. 🤜🤛


Everything you need to
know in one place.

Credit Card spends? Debit Card Spends?
We got it all covered. Even Paylater wallets.
View all your spends in one beautiful place✨

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We are serious about security

You own your data.
No one else should be able to misuse it.


All personally identifiable information like your name, age, gender is encrypted at-rest using 256-bit AES.


All your data with us is stored and accessed on completely isolated networks. No more annoying loan calls. No more "Sir, do you want a credit card?"


We don't read any personal messages. Only transactional messages are parsed and everything is encrypted.


All our transctions are powered by UPI. So we don't ask for your Card Details. Ever.

Curious about the fine print?

Where do you get the data to show me all spends?

We access your SMS to figure out your transactions. We then use it to power our investment recommendations and spend analytics.

We read only your transactional SMS. We have strict policies on how we store and access your data.

Check it out above 👆

Are you on iOS?

Not as of now, we'll have an iOS app soon

What happens to my investments if you guys shut down?

Fair Question. We don't handle your money at any point in time. All of it is deposited directly into the AMC's bank account. So even if we close down (we hope not 😕), all your investments are safe.

How do you guys make money?

While the app and its features are completely free to use, we'll add some premium functionality soon. Nothing changes if you don't want to pay.

Can I get an Instant Loan?

Ummmm... wrong place buddy 🤦

I have a feature request. How do I get in touch?

Sure. Feel free to reach out to us at hoomans@savemo.app or schedule a call with us here. We can grab a virtual chai ☕


Hey you, meet Savemo

We've built Savemo for people like you and me.
Read about why we're building Savemo here

Still got doubts? Have a feature request?
Let's hop on a call and see how we can help you.