Being broke
is not cool.

We figured that out the hard way.

Being financially independent is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Everyone deserves a shot at that.

But how are you supposed to do it when everyone either sells you loans or even worse, sell your data!

We wanted something different. Something that looked and felt like it belonged to this century. So we quit our jobs in the middle of a pandemic and built Savemo. We built a product that we'd love to use everyday. It's definitely not perfect, but we promise to make it better every single day.

Meet the hoomans of Savemo

gopi gopi


Gopikrishnan Mohan

All things mobile at Savemo.
Thinks he is good at strategy.
Makes good tea.



Gokul Harikumar

Making Savemo look beautiful.
Swears by Gradients and Emojis 🤙
Makes horrible tea.

george george


George Thomas Shanti

Makes sure Savemo doesn't crash.
Likes working on minimum wages.
Drinks Tea.

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